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an initiative of ROMBOUT Frieling lab

Vertical Walking is a new system to move yourself between floors in a building. By exploiting the potential of the human body and materials, only a fraction of effort is required, compared to taking stairs. No external energy is needed.


Following presentation at the Venice Architecture Biennale, various trials with people like Jannie (see video), and research with medics and academics, Vertical Walking is developing as a solution that can help a growing population of people to live independently at home, as well as to provide healthy exercise and a great sense of pleasure and quality of life.


It is our mission is to help the thousands of individuals who have contacted us and who are in need of Vertical Walking, as well as to learn about new ways of moving vertically through our increasingly vertical cities.


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“This keeps people moving yet it can accommodate less able people and it requires no power at all!

What more do we need?“


Professor Alison McGregor

chair, biodynamics group, Imperial College London


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